Temporary Fence

Temporary Fence

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1,Quickly install and uninstall fence,chain link mesh infilled ,welded mesh infilled. And pipe infilled
crowd barrier ! Finish could be galvanized or polyster powder coated .Normally have plastic base
block or steel foot to make the fence standing ,and suitable clamps to Connect the fence panels

2,temporary fence is widely used in temporary construction sites, a variety of sporting events such
as the Olympics, world cup several kinds of sports championships. As the fence in most cases is for
the purpose of temporary use, so the product can be used for leasing, recycling.

3,Temporary fence system is a simple system mainly include fence panels and support foot. We
use good quality low carbon steel wire or galvanized wire do the fabrication of the panels. Then tie
or weld the mesh fabric into the pipe frame. Then do polyster powder spray or Galvanizing to the
finished panels. For the base plate ,usually we will use plastic type,and the client can make it concrete
at the site or with another type that can  filled with water.

•Quickly and easy installation and removable
•Cost effective
•Different options on color according to the using environment

Technical specifications:

Panel  (Size in Width and Height)
•Width :2.40m,2.50m,2.90m

Panel (Mesh Size)

Panel (Wire Thickness)

Panel (Finish):
•Polyester powder spray
•Zinc spray

Base Block  (3 options)
•Plastic materials to filled with concrete cement
•Plastic materials to filled with water
•Metal steel type

Post (Fittings-Clamps)
•Clamps to connect the panels
•Screws to connect the clamps
•Sign to show “words information”

•In steel or Wooden Pallet , or in bulk